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Get users to provide translation.

Simple pop up grid editor attached to a link/button.

1. Admin select phrases for translation

2. User edit phrases

3. Admin cherry pick translations into main file.

Add field user_xlat boolean. Select from primary language only. Exclude product_id=“phpfox_installer”

Then what?

User clicks button.

Select user_xlat rows

Load user translations (file/stewuxlat/users/N/N/N/langid.json) ?

Merge user data with main selection, present in grid.

NO. Use a table so we can extract by date for admin cherry picker.

        var selObj = window.getSelection();

        var selRange = selObj.getRangeAt(0);
        // do stuff with the range


User highlights text, edits translation, send to webmaster. That could work.

Needs a fookin hook. They had one in place, then added logic in 3.6 that exits before the hook. Did I mention I think hooks suck?

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