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Add to your fox library.

In order to use monolog for stewfix, I needed to have some kind of autoloader.

This one did the trick!

I wrapped it into a library to make it easy to drop in place.


Upload the zip file to your webserver, and copy the contents of the “upload” folder to your web root.

adminCP > Extensions > Import products

Select stewloader.


I did almost nothing here. The credit goes to


I had unzipped Monolog and PSR to the phpfox library folder.

Those are the libraries that require an autoloader.

I executed the following at the terminal:

cd ./include/library
mkdir stewloader
cd  ./include/library/php-autoloader-1.14.5/bin/

php autoloader-build.php \
    --classpath ../../Monolog  \
    --classpath ../../Psr \
    --deploypath ../../stewloader

That created an autoloader in stewloader.

I can now use the autoloader in phpfox V3:

require_once(PHPFOX_DIR_LIB . 'stewloader' . PHPFOX_DS . 'autoloader.php');
use Monolog\Logger;
use Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;



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