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For 3.7.7 please see Quick Install

These instructions for other versions.

Make sure you have a backup of your site and database before you start.

Test on your development server, do not install to production immediately.

stewload installs like any other module: unzip and copy the contents of “upload” to your web root.

Ensure access to your custom folder

You will store your modified scripts in a folder called “custom” off the web root.

If you prefer a different name, change the constant in stewload.sett.php

Ensure the folder is readable by the webserver. Check file permissions and webserver directives (nginx/conf/apache/htaccess).

Core mods

We can not provide modified copies of the proprietary phpfox script.

You must make the changes yourself.

The procedure is simple and takes about ten minutes:

Core mods

Switching between standard fox and your custom code

To enable your custom folders

  • Clear the cache
  • Copy ./custom/include/ to ./include/

To revert to standard fox:

  • Clear the cache
  • Copy the standard fox init file back to ./include/

copy init

This section is optional.

We provided a basic script to execute the copy.

Edit these for your path and file names.

./include/library/stewload/gocustom Copy custom init

./include/library/stewload/gofox Copy standard init

We highly recommend you do not name all these files “”

We name them eg “” so we know what is the original fox init from version 3.7.7

and we name our custom init as “”

This way we can treats “” as a throwaway. Do not worry about which one it is, always copy from the renamed sources.

clear cache

This section is optional

A script you can use at the command line:

  • ./include/library/stewload/clearcache will blow away the fox cache
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