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Quick Install

This is for version 3.7.7. only

Make sure you have a backup of your site and database before you start.

Test on your development server, do not install to production immediately.

stewload installs like any other module:

* The product file unzips to an upload folder

* Copy or ftp the contents of upload to your web root.

* adminCP > Extensions > Product > Import Products

* click to install stewLoader


* adminCP > Modules > stewLoad > Index

Select the bootstrap (init) file that you want to use and click submit.

The bootstrap file overwrites include/, then it clears your cache.

When you want to revert to standard, select the fox bootstrap.

NB: Create your own bootstrap in ./module/stewload/bootstrap and it will appear in the list.

At this point your site should be “normal”. There is no visible difference.

How do we know it is working ?!

Look in ./include/setting/stewload.sett.php to see that log files are enabled and going to a folder you can inspect.

By default this is ./file/log/stewload.log

We should now see lines like this:

2014-07-02 06:07:38

The “C” in the first column tells us this script was loaded from the custom folder (the F is for standard Fox).

You are now ready to start customizing !


New product, no known issues yet.

You might need to ensure the contents of the custom folder are readable by the webserver (permissions, htaccess).

If you get the dreaded blank screen, try clearing your cache from outside fox.

We have provided a command line utility that will do it for you:

cd ./path/to/fox/include/libaray/stewload

NB you may need to provide execute permissions for that file first:

chmod +x ./

Email us for assistance. We may ask for ftp, cpanel or ssh access.

Going live

Remember to turn off logging in stewload.sett.php

Writing to that file consumes a ton of space and time. Use it only for debugging or verifying the install.

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