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We have written many (many) fix-it type scripts for fox over the years.

But never had a way to share them easily. stewjob does that for us now.

Once you have stewjob installed, all you need is a single job to drop into your jobs folder.

So please ask us what we can do for you today!

The following jobs are available now:

Purge Mail

Select a number of days and some user groups.

Here is an example of using a single job for more than one cron task.

You might set a job to expire Admins after 265 days, then submit to cron.

Then also set expiry days fro your other groups and submit them to cron.


Mail: find orphan users

Find and remove messages from users that are no longer in the user table.

Mail: find orphan messages

Find and remove messages with no headers.

Mail: find empty threads

Find and remove threads with no messages.

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