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Simple adminCP page to mess with activity points by user group

  • Fully translated and language ready.
  • Add or subtract activity points
  • Choose how many points, which user groups, and which activities.
  • Lifetime support for Phpfox V3
  • Fast single query. No paging and refreshing and spinning through tables.

Fair warning

Each activity counter is an unsigned integer with ten digits.

If you add or subtract very large numbers, the results may not be as expected.

Results may vary depending on your SQL engine. The number will be zeroed or we'll display an error.

Please always experiment and verify on your development site with test data.

For normal usage there are no issues. It's gonna do the job.


Same as every other product (consult ScriptTechs if you need to): Unzip and copy the contents of “upload” to your web root.

From the console

EG if your website is at /home/steward/public

cd /home/steward
cp -r ./upload/* ./public

From FTP

Instructions are outside the scope of this product and depend on your ftp client,

We use FileZilla. Easy and free.

Unzip the product locally, then ftp the contents of upload (not the folder itself) into the root directory of your website.


Moved to moxie store. Priced at $29


Screen shot

It was cute at the time.

To remove the photos edit module/stewgrant/template/default/controller/admincp/index.html.php.

Remove these lines:

<img src="./module/stewgrant/static/mary.jpg">
<img src="./module/stewgrant/static/lougrant.jpg">

Zero all points

14 July 2015

Somebody asked

Would you be able to modify your “App” so that Groups of users could have their Activity Points reset to Zero? I'm thinking of having everybody start at Zero at the beginning of each month, or week, for contest purposes.

We can add that to this module if and when we have time. Not now.

But for now, if you have Brian's Cron Job Manager, you can add the code for a cron job below.

Be sure to set it Inactive and then use Run Now when you want to zero all.

    'blog'        ,
    'attachment'  ,
    'comment'     ,
    'photo'       ,
    'bulletin'    ,
    'poll'        ,
    'invite'      ,
    'forum'       ,
    'video'       ,
    'total'       ,
    'points'      ,
    'quiz'        ,
    'music_song'  ,
    'marketplace' ,
    'event'       ,
    'pages'       ,
foreach($aActivities AS $activity)
    $aFields['activity_' . $activity ] = 0;
Phpfox::getLib('database')->update(Phpfox::getT('user_activity'), $aFields, true);

NB: A full activity points archiver/content/manager belongs in

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